Vagi C®

Product description

In those countries where Vagi C® is registered as a medicinal product it is approved for:

  • the treatment of chronic and recurrent bacterial vaginosis, mild to moderate unspecific vaginosis and for the normalization of the disturbed vaginal flora.
  • it is a suitable follow-up to traditional anti-nfectious therapies to reduce the risk of recidives in patients with recurring vaginal infection.
  • it can be used during pregnancy in women with a history of bacterial vaginosis, even during the first trimester. Due to the     excellent safety profile of the product, if necessary the application may be prolonged.

In those countries where it is registered as a medical device the product is indicated for the normalization of the vaginal pH.

Intended use

Vagi C® is designed to provide a natural protection of the vaginal micro-environment through the maintenance or restauration of the physiological pH. The application of Vagi C® rapidly renders the vaginal environment unsuitable to the growth of undesirable anaerobes, which are responsible for the development of bacterial vaginosis, also during pregnancy. Vagi C® helps in the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis. It is particularly useful in patients with relapses and as follow-up to traditional antibiotics.

Worldwide Brands

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