Product description

Patented spray liquid for the prevention of tinea pedis and its recurrences, endowed with dual mechanism of action: barrier effect against penetration of pathogens and absorption of moisture due to sweat (breeding ground for fungi).


Intended use

Myfungar® spray protects the skin from fungal infections such as tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot).

It contains hydroxpropyl chitosan, a biopolymer film-forming agent and an anti- perspirant polymeric powder (Penstia).

Myfungar® spray forms a film that renders the skin unsuitable to fungal infections. In addition, the formulation has strong anti-perspirant properties that help to maintain the skin dry.

Myfungar® spray is effective by forming a barrier on the skin which prevents fungal infections and decreases moisture. This synergistic activity renders the skin an unsuitable environment for fungal growth.

After the application of the solution the alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves an invisible, odourless film on the skin.