Product description

Myfungar® nail lacquer is a protective and stabilizing solution forming an invisible film on the nail surface. It contains hydroxypropyl-chitosan, ethanol, water, piroctone olamine (Octopirox®).

Hydroxypropyl-chitosan is a natural hydrosoluble polymer having a strengthening activity on the nail keratin matrix.

Ethanol helps forming the film by quick evaporation.

Once applied on the nail Myfungar® dries quickly thus forming a protective film that has a barrier effect against microbiological, chemical and physical agents; the lacquer penetrates into nail porosity and unevenness stabilizing the nail structure.

Myfungar® forms on the nails an invisible and odourless film that protects them and favours their normal physiological growth.

Myfungar® provides better consumer acceptability than currently available lacquers, with no need to be removed with organic solvents.

Intended use

For use on fingernails and toenails against damages caused by microbiological, physical and chemical agents.

  • Preventive use in subjects at risk (diabetics, elderly, swimmers, sport people, etc.).
  • Protection of the nail from damage due to fungal infection.
  • Follow-up treatment in patients previously infected by onchomychosis.
  • First choice for use in people with allergic problems to acrylic nail varnish and/or organic solvents.