Product description

Macmiror Complex® is a fixed combination of Nifuratel and Nystatin.

Nifuratel is member of the group of nitrofurans. It is a synthetic chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of infectious diseases of the descending urinary tract and the genital tract.

The spectrum of action includes bacteria, protozoa and fungi: gardnerella vaginalis, atopobium vaginae, chlamydia trachomatis, trichomonas vaginalis.

Nifuratel is moderately active against candida, but these fungi are totally inhibited by low concentrations of nystatin.

Nystatin is an antibiotic agent of the polyene group, effective particularly against yeast microorganisms of genus candida, including albicans and non-albicans candida strains.

The antifungal activity of polyenes depends in part to the interaction with membrane sterols.


Local treatment of vaginal and external genitalia inflammation induced by pathogenic microorganisms (candida, trichomonas and bacteria as well as mixed infections) susceptible to Nifuratel-Nystatin combination.